Meet The Team 


Hi, I'm Mike Mager - RT (R) (MR)

My career began in medical imaging over 15 years ago. Starting with X-ray, I worked my way into MRI and CT early on. It was truly an honor to have had the opportunity to work at many prestigious hospitals in the Baltimore area, including Johns Hopkins. I've also had a great experience working at various outpatient centers that were fast pace but extremely efficient.

I have submersed myself in further education of MRI, X-ray and CT and I draw many lessons from my vast and diverse experience throughout the years. I have a grasp on what it takes to produce high quality exams and and what it takes to keep patients comfortable, doing so in the quickest time possible. Working in roles from staff technologist to regional manager I have had the opportunity to teach, build teams, and become an expert on protocol optimization. 

While in these various positions within my career I noticed people, both friends and colleges contacting me for assistance with different imaging questions. From getting less wrap on your MRI scan to Timing on a CTA, the questions continued to roll in. I began to wonder if there was a place to seek answers and guidance for Radiology Professionals beyond a text book.


Hi I'm Matt Antonis,

My partner Mike and I founded Radiology EDU in February 2016 with the vision of making education about Radiology more modern and more fun. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful team of super talented professionals working hard to deliver the best services and content possible!

I have been an RT (R) (MR) for over 15 years and I really appreciate all of the experiences I have had while working in the field of Radiology. I love knowing that we are making an impact on the field each and everyday. We are just getting started and look to the future of Radiology with great excitement and enthusiasm! 

Thanks for all your kind feedback and support :)

Applications Project Coordinator

Hey I'm Chris,

I am in the people business! I love people and I love helping people solve problems. When it comes to building relationships and solving problems for clients I do my utmost to provide the highest level of attention and focus on their specific needs. I pride myself on always being loyal and trustworthy when it comes to cultivating relationships with others and providing services for those needing solutions. 

Contact me today, I look forward to working with you!

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